Leinster Hockey Association Launch New 2023-2026 Strategy

Leinster Hockey Association Launch New 2023-2026 Strategy

December 06, 2023

The new Leinster Hockey Association Strategy aims to:

  • Increase participation numbers amongst men and boys while continuing to grow female participation
  • Boost number of clubs and registered players through more competitions and active hockey programmes 
  • Build the game for the future by ensuring improved infrastructures with model/competition reviews, performance pathways, and focus on underutilised facilities

Leinster Hockey Association has launched a new three-year strategy plan for 2023 – 2026. There are over forty hockey clubs in Leinster with more than two hundred and seventy competitions running year-round. This new strategy is a carefully designed approach to build the game of hockey across the province.  

In its new strategy Leinster Hockey Association is keen to build participation numbers amongst boys and men across both clubs and schools.  Hockey has had huge success in attracting women and girls to the game and is one of the few team sports that is played by more female than male players. A pivotal part of this strategy will be to provide more boys/men's teams across Leinster along with increased coaching and officiating to match. Leinster Hockey’s strategy includes a targeted plan to grow the number of boys playing hockey across the province while continuing to support the rise in female participation. 

As part of the new strategy Leinster Hockey Association is also aiming to get more people involved in hockey and grow the game across Leinster. To do this Leinster Hockey will focus on ensuring there is the right mix of competition structures and game formats to drive growth as well as creating programmes to increase the numbers exposed to hockey activity. The strategic plan also aims to expand the existing development programmes within the regions of the province for players, coaches, and umpires to both grow the game and keep people in the sport. This will see an increase in the number of Development Officers, an improved pathway for match officials as well as an increase in the number of qualified coaches across the game. The new strategy will also see Leinster Hockey develop specific programmes to increase accessibility and to be a leader in equity, diversity and inclusion ensuring hockey in Leinster delivers a memorable experience for all including expanding the current Hockey ID programme for those with intellectual disabilities by developing new and innovative experiences for those involved.

The new strategy aims to add to the already existing pitches and training areas across the province.  Some areas within the province have access to first class facilities enabling players to engage in high level sport week in week out and Leinster Hockey is aiming to help more clubs and schools improve facilities as part of the new Strategic Plan so everyone involved in the game can reach their full potential. To do this Leinster Hockey will carry out a review of facilities across Leinster and identify a planned programme of development of new and upgrading of existing facilities. Leinster will also provide practical supports to clubs to assist in their infrastructure development including advice on access to grants for facility development plans.

Leinster Hockey Chairperson David Curran said: “I am thrilled to announce the new Leinster Hockey strategy that will run through 2023 to 2026. We have thought carefully to look at every aspect of Leinster Hockey to get more people involved in the game at both schools and club level. Focused growth around the number of schools who participate in hockey will continue to be a key priority as we also look to foster links between schools and clubs”      


Fiona Walshe, Development Chair said: "We are proud that 70% of the Leinster hockey players play in women and girls’ competitions. Sport Ireland's latest research has shown that just 7% of girls aged 14-15 years meet the recommended physical activity levels and for this reason it is vital that we continue to make hockey a welcoming place for everyone and continue the activity that we are running to retain and grow the number of girls in the sport.

Leinster Hockey Strategic Plan 2023-26 - Click Here


For more information regarding Leinster Hockey and the brand-new strategy please visit the official website at https://www.leinsterhockey.ie


For more information, please contact:

David Higgins



087 162 5597


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