Disciplinary Hearing Panel Vacancies

Disciplinary Hearing Panel Vacancies

November 23, 2022

The Leinster Hockey Association Board is looking to fill roles on the Disciplinary Hearing Panel (DHP).  Ideally the Panel would consist of 10 – 12 people from which a minimum of three would be selected to sit on a Disciplinary Hearing when convened.  Currently there are six members.

Meetings take place online, normally via Zoom.  The LH Board would like to see representatives from clubs around the province nominated to the Panel – ideally with equal representation from men and women.

Due to the nature of the work carried out by the DHP, meetings take place on an ad hoc basic ie., as matters are brought to the attention of the Board/Executive Officer.   On average a Panel will be convened 1-2 times per month.  Note, not all Panel members are required to attend – a Disciplinary Hearing Panel requires a minimum of 3 members to be in attendance and ideally would have no more than five.

Members of the DHP cannot sit on a Hearing Meeting if they are a member of a club that is before the Panel.

No member of the LHA Board may sit on the Disciplinary Panel.  

The LHA Executive Officer shall act as convener of the Panel and will determine the date and venue for the hearing and if present act as Secretary.

When required to sit the LHA Executive Officer shall convene a DHP of a minimum of three (3) members. If practical there shall be a minimum of two (2) from the Section concerned.

This DHP shall then elect one of their numbers as Chairman, and in the absence of the LHA Executive Officer, a Secretary for the specific disciplinary hearing.

The DHP shall deal with

(i) Alleged playing offences regarding Red Card incidents referred to it by umpires.

(ii) Yellow Card referrals made by the LHA Executive Officer.

(iii) Alleged playing offences of any nature referred to it by the LHA Board.

(iv) The Committee may hold hearings in relation to any alleged playing offence at its sole discretion.

(v) The DHP shall have the power to require a Club representative or individual to attend to allow consideration of any offence or referral.

More information about the Leinster Hockey Disciplinary Hearing Panel/Process can be found on the General Bye Laws (no’s 31 – 34) Click Here

 If you are interested in joining the Leinster Hockey Disciplinary Hearing Panel please contact Claire Kelly, Executive Officer – admin@leinsterhockey.ie or 083 4208 772 by 12th December 2022.


The Leinster Hockey Association Board is looking to fill roles on the Disciplinary Hearing Panel (DH..


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