January 15, 2021

Hockey Ireland has launched a new club umpire initiative – The Fundamentals of Umpiring Award

Umpiring is a cornerstone of our sport and Leinster Hockey is delighted to see the launch of the new “Fundamentals of Umpiring Award”.  Following the announcement of the new programme David Curran (Leinster Hockey Director for Umpire Development) welcomed the new umpiring award adding “we hope to see every club in the province encourage their members (umpires, players, coaches, parents) to get involved”.  He continued “umpiring is an important element of our sport and has been identified by both the Board and our clubs as a key strategic target”.  Echoing David Currans remarks, Trevor Watkins (LHA Chair) also thanked Hockey Ireland and the Irish Hockey Umpires Association for their work on the new initiative. 

There are four steps to this new award, all of which will be available via the new Hockey Ireland Learning Hub (click here).

1. Complete the Online Rules Test

2. Complete Module One (online course split into four modules)

3. Attend a Live Webinar (dates will shortly be confirmed with the first one taking place on 10th Mar)

4. Attend a practical session (within the province, dates to be confirmed).

The Leinster Hockey Board is asking all clubs to actively engage with your members and encourage as many as possible to sign up for this umpiring award.  Ideally we would like to see a minimum of two people from each section in each club register – skills learned on this course will transfer to all aspects of the game including playing and coaching as well as giving all participants a better understanding of our sport.

The target of this award is that all umpires who take to the pitch in the 2021/2 season will have completed the online rules test and that by the 2022/3 season anyone who umpires will have completed the Fundamentals of Umpiring Award. 

So, what are the next steps?

Let your members know about this course and please encourage as many as possible to participate. 

Send them the link to the new Hockey Ireland eLearning Hub (click here) where they can sign up to the Online Rules Test (note, the test can be taken multiple times!).  Once done, they can then start Module One.  Information on the webinar dates and practical sessions will be communicated as soon as they are available.

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