Leinster ParaHockey ID

Leinster ParaHockey ID

November 12, 2020

Leinster is the powerhouse for ParaHockey (ID) in Ireland with six active clubs - Three Rock Rovers HC, Monkstown HC, Railway Union HC, Wicklow HC, Botanic HC & Loreto HC.  

Players currently range in age from 5 - 22 (but there is no upper age limit).  ParaHockey (ID) players are members of our clubs and these clubs are leading the way in how we, in hockey, can aim to be more inclusive.  ParaHockey (ID) is even more important now for our players as it offers both mental and physical health benefits (with hockey via Zoom continuing during the heavy lockdown periods).

All clubs are open to new members of all ages and abilities. Our ParaHockey (ID) players from Leinster have represented Ireland on the international stage at the 2017 and 2019 Euro ParHockey Championships and 10 players will be selected to participate in the 2021 Championships. 

We are looking forward to hosting our first ever ParaHockey (ID) International event next August (details to follow). 

What is ParaHockey (ID)

ParaHockey (ID) is the adapted format of hockey for players with an intellectual disability.

How long has ParaHockey been played in Ireland?

Three Rock Rovers HC were the first club in Ireland to start a ParaHockey (ID) programme in Ireland four years ago.  There are now over 20 countries delivering ParaHockey (ID) programmes across four continents.

Game Format

  • Rules should be flexible
  • Ensure players have fun
  • Many groups start playing a 3v3 format in a small area (eg 1/8 outdoor pitch or 1/2 indoor pitch)
  • Progress to 8v8 format on 1/4 pitch or 1/2 pitch (or indoor pitch)  for more experienced players  - with optional introduction of a goal keeper

What clubs are currently running ParaHockey Programmes in Leinster?

ClubTeam NameContactContact details
Botanic HCBotanic BlitzersAnne Dermodyannedermody1@gmail.com
Loreto HCLoreto LionsSarah Englishloretolions@gmail.com
Monkstown HCMonkstown StrikerzSheena Kenningstrikersmhcc@gmail.com
Railway Union HCRailway BlazersAoife McCarthyRUrailblazers@gmail.com
Three Rock Rovers HCThree Rock RocketsSiobhán Madelysiobhanmadeley@gmail.com
Wicklow HCWicklow VikingsKlaas Jan de Vriescoaching@wicklowhockeyclub.ie

If your club is interested in starting a ParaHockey Programme please contact Dwyne Hill (inclusion@hockey.ie) or Claire Kelly (admin@leinsterhockey.ie).  Each Local Sports Partnership (LSP) also have Sport Inclusion Disability Officers.  The role of the SIDO is to encourage and enable individuals with disabilities to be active participants in sport, physical activity and physical education in their local area.  Information on the role of the SIDO and contact details for each LSP can be found on this link - CLICK HERE

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Disability Inclusion Course

A number of Local Sports Partnerships (LSP's) are running Disability Inclusion Training Courses in conjunction with CARA National APA Centre.
This course is aimed at Sports Coaches, Instructors, Sports Leaders, Teachers, Parents, Volunteers and anyone interested or involved in the provision of Sport and Physical Activity for people with disabilities.
On completion of the course all participants will receive a Coaching Ireland/CARA APA Centre award and a course resource pack. The various Local Sports Partnerships run these course during the year.

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Leinster is the powerhouse for ParaHockey (ID) in Ireland with six active clubs - Three Rock Rovers ..


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