League Table LSSB Whiteside Trophy

St Andrews College330011299
Wesley College32017436
Ashton School200224-20
Bandon Grammar2002111-100

Format - Two teams from Munster and the Leinster Cup Finalists from the previous season will enter a four team round robin mini league. The tournament will take place over three dates in Sept/Oct and the first three weeks in January

Three points for a win, one point for a draw

If tied at the end the following applies 1. Head to head (away goals in case of draw), 2. Goal difference, 3. Goals for, 4. Goals against, 5 Trophy shared

Results to be sent to LHA Administrator leinsterhockey@gmail.com

LSSB Whiteside Trophy
09:00St Andrews College 7vs0Bandon Grammar More
09:00Wesley College 2vs1Ashton School More
09:00Ashton School 1vs2St Andrews College More
09:00Bandon Grammar 1vs4Wesley College More
09:00Ashton School vsBandon Grammar More
09:00Wesley College 1vs2St Andrews College More
09:00Ashton School vsWesley College More
09:00Bandon Grammar vsSt Andrews College More
09:00St Andrews College vsAshton School More
09:00Wesley College vsBandon Grammar More
09:00Bandon Grammar vsAshton School More
09:00St Andrews College vsWesley College More