League Table Mens Division 5

Dublin North 2nd18115262253738
North Kildare 1st XI18113446331336
Clontarf 3rd XI1810534435935
YMCA 4th XI1810263829932
Rathgar 3rd XI187293437-323
Glenanne 3rd XI187293034-423
Monkstown 4th XI186393642-621
Dublin University 2nd XI185492833-519
St James Gate 1st XI1843112238-1615
UCD 3rd XI1841132761-3413

Note 1 - Fixtures may be subject to amendment by Mens Committee

Note 2 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 3 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

7th Oct Fixture between YMCA v North Kildare awarded to North Kildare by LM Cttee 131017

UCD v YMCA game awarded to YMCA per Mens Cttee 06th Dec 17

Match between YMCA & Rathgar 091217 awarded to YMCA per LM

( Updated: 18th De 17)

Mens Division 5
12:30Rathgar 3rd XI4vs3YMCA 4th XIMore
14:30Dublin University 2nd XI1vs2North Kildare 1st XIMore
15:30Dublin North 2nd2vs1Monkstown 4th XIMore
15:30Glenanne 3rd XI0vs2Clontarf 3rd XIMore
07:00North Kildare 1st XI3vs1Rathgar 3rd XIMore
12:30St James Gate 1st XI2vs1Dublin University 2nd XIMore
14:15Monkstown 4th XI5vs1UCD 3rd XIMore
17:00Clontarf 3rd XI1vs1Dublin North 2ndMore
07:00Dublin University 2nd XI5vs5Monkstown 4th XIMore
14:30Rathgar 3rd XI1vs0St James Gate 1st XIMore
16:20UCD 3rd XI1vs1Clontarf 3rd XIMore
17:00YMCA 4th XI0vs1North Kildare 1st XIGame awarded to North KildareMore
07:00Clontarf 3rd XI2vs1Dublin University 2nd XIMore
10:30North Kildare 1st XI2vs2Glenanne 3rd XIMore
14:00St James Gate 1st XI0vs2YMCA 4th XIMore
14:30Monkstown 4th XI1vs3Rathgar 3rd XINot PlayedMore
15:00Dublin North 2nd4vs1UCD 3rd XIMore
16:20UCD 3rd XI2vs1St James Gate 1st XIRefix from Sept CKMore
15:30YMCA 4th XI4vs2Glenanne 3rd XIMore
14:15Rathgar 3rd XI3vs3Clontarf 3rd XIMore
15:00North Kildare 1st XI5vs1St James Gate 1st XIMore
15:30YMCA 4th XI1vs3Monkstown 4th XIMore
16:30Glenanne 3rd XI4vs1UCD 3rd XIMore
13:30St James Gate 1st XI0vs3Glenanne 3rd XIMore
15:00UCD 3rd XI3vs0Dublin University 2nd XIMore
16:30Monkstown 4th XI0vs1North Kildare 1st XIMore
17:15Clontarf 3rd XI2vs2YMCA 4th XIMore
12:30Rathgar 3rd XI5vs3UCD 3rd XIMore
13:30St James Gate 1st XI4vs0Monkstown 4th XIMore
14:00YMCA 4th XI1vs2Dublin North 2ndMore
15:45North Kildare 1st XI1vs5Clontarf 3rd XIMore
17:00Glenanne 3rd XI4vs0Dublin University 2nd XIMore
20:30Dublin University 2nd XI1vs1Dublin North 2ndMore
12:45Clontarf 3rd XI4vs2St James Gate 1st XIMore
14:00Dublin University 2nd XI3vs0Rathgar 3rd XIMore
16:30Dublin North 2nd6vs4North Kildare 1st XIMore
17:00Glenanne 3rd XI2vs0Monkstown 4th XIReversed CK 151017More
12:30Rathgar 3rd XI1vs2Glenanne 3rd XIMore
13:30St James Gate 1st XI4vs3Dublin North 2ndMore
14:00YMCA 4th XI2vs3Dublin University 2nd XIMore
14:30Monkstown 4th XI4vs2Clontarf 3rd XIMore
14:30North Kildare 1st XI5vs2UCD 3rd XIMore
14:50UCD 3rd XI0vs1YMCA 4th XIGame awarded to YMCA per LMMore
14:30Clontarf 3rd XI3vs1Glenanne 3rd XIMore
16:45YMCA 4th XI1vs0Rathgar 3rd XIGame awarded to YM per LMMore
20:30Dublin North 2nd0vs3Rathgar 3rd XIMore
13:15Dublin North 2nd6vs1Clontarf 3rd XIMore
13:30Rathgar 3rd XI1vs3North Kildare 1st XIMore
15:00Glenanne 3rd XI0vs3YMCA 4th XIMore
16:20UCD 3rd XI3vs1Monkstown 4th XIMore
15:30Clontarf 3rd XI3vs2UCD 3rd XIMore
17:15Dublin North 2nd3vs1Glenanne 3rd XIMore
16:00Monkstown 4th XI1vs1Dublin University 2nd XIMore
10:30Dublin University 2nd XI1vs2Clontarf 3rd XIMore
14:15Rathgar 3rd XI4vs6Monkstown 4th XIMore
14:15YMCA 4th XI1vs0St James Gate 1st XIMore
16:00Glenanne 3rd XI0vs3North Kildare 1st XIMore
16:20UCD 3rd XI0vs19Dublin North 2ndMore
12:00North Kildare 1st XI1vs0Dublin University 2nd XIMore
14:30Glenanne 3rd XI1vs3Dublin North 2ndMore
19:30St James Gate 1st XI0vs3Rathgar 3rd XIMore
10:30Clontarf 3rd XI2vs0Rathgar 3rd XIMore
12:30Monkstown 4th XI4vs2YMCA 4th XIMore
13:30UCD 3rd XI2vs3Glenanne 3rd XIMore
17:15Dublin North 2nd3vs0Dublin University 2nd XIMore
07:00Dublin University 2nd XI1vs0UCD 3rd XIMore
07:00Glenanne 3rd XI2vs4St James Gate 1st XIMore
11:30North Kildare 1st XI4vs1Monkstown 4th XIMore
12:30Rathgar 3rd XI0vs1Dublin North 2ndMore
16:40YMCA 4th XI3vs0Clontarf 3rd XIMore
19:30Rathgar 3rd XI1vs5Dublin University 2nd XIMore
10:00St James Gate 1st XI1vs4Clontarf 3rd XIMore
12:00North Kildare 1st XI2vs2Dublin North 2ndMore
14:15Monkstown 4th XI0vs2Glenanne 3rd XIReversed CK 151017More
16:45YMCA 4th XI3vs2UCD 3rd XIMore
00:00Glenanne 3rd XI1vs1Rathgar 3rd XIPP More
10:30Clontarf 3rd XI2vs2Monkstown 4th XIMore
11:15UCD 3rd XI1vs2North Kildare 1st XIMore
15:30Dublin North 2nd1vs1St James Gate 1st XIMore
15:45Dublin University 2nd XI2vs3YMCA 4th XIMore
20:15St James Gate 1st XI0vs3UCD 3rd XIMore
20:15Monkstown 4th XI1vs3Dublin North 2ndRefixMore
12:30Clontarf 3rd XI5vs4North Kildare 1st XIRefix per LMMore
16:30Monkstown 4th XI1vs0St James Gate 1st XIRefix per LMMore
16:30UCD 3rd XI0vs3Rathgar 3rd XIRefix per LMMore
17:00Dublin North 2nd2vs2YMCA 4th XIRefix per LMMore
20:00St James Gate 1st XI1vs1North Kildare 1st XIMore
14:00North Kildare 1st XI2vs4YMCA 4th XIMore
20:00Dublin University 2nd XI1vs1St James Gate 1st XIMore
13:30Dublin University 2nd XI2vs0Glenanne 3rd XIRefix per LMMore