League Table Ladies Div 10 League

UCD 6th55002512415
Portlaoise 1st55002212115
Trinity College 4th642073414
Muckross 5th6303131129
Three Rock Rovers 3rd630367-19
Clontarf 4th6213812-47
Railway Union 5th6213514-97
Guinness 2nd6123512-75
Loreto 6th6105514-92
Avoca 5th6006021-210

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

101117 Loreto deducted 1 point for Registration Error per LL Cttee

Ladies Div 10 League
09:30UCD 6th5vs0Guinness 2ndMore
13:00Three Rock Rovers 3rd0vs1Portlaoise 1stMore
15:30Clontarf 4th1vs2Loreto 6thMore
17:15Avoca 5th0vs6Muckross 5thMore
09:30Guinness 2nd1vs3Railway Union 5thMore
10:00Trinity College 4th2vs1Clontarf 4thMore
14:45Loreto 6th0vs2Three Rock Rovers 3rdMore
16:30Muckross 5th0vs4UCD 6thMore
09:30Trinity College 4th1vs0Loreto 6thMore
09:30UCD 6thvsPortlaoise 1stPostponed Time mixupMore
10:00Guinness 2nd0vs0Clontarf 4thMore
13:30Muckross 5th2vs1Railway Union 5thMore
17:00Avoca 5th0vs1Three Rock Rovers 3rdMore
07:01Muckross 5th1vs2Clontarf 4thMore
11:00Trinity College 4th1vs0Three Rock Rovers 3rdMore
12:30Portlaoise 1st5vs0Railway Union 5thMore
13:00Loreto 6th1vs2Guinness 2ndMore
15:30Avoca 5th0vs6UCD 6thMore
12:30Portlaoise 1st4vs0Avoca 5thMore
15:00Trinity College 4th0vs0Railway Union 5thLTPP 30/9More
07:01Loreto 6th2vs3Muckross 5thMore
11:15Clontarf 4th1vs7Portlaoise 1stMore
12:30Trinity College 4th1vs1Guinness 2ndMore
14:45Avoca 5th0vs1Railway Union 5thMore
15:00Three Rock Rovers 3rd1vs4UCD 6thMore
11:00Guinness 2nd1vs2Three Rock Rovers 3rdMore
11:15UCD 6th6vs0Railway Union 5thMore
13:00Clontarf 4th3vs0Avoca 5thMore
13:45Trinity College 4th2vs1Muckross 5thMore
14:30Loreto 6th0vs5Portlaoise 1stMore
00:00Avoca 5thvsLoreto 6thMore
00:00Muckross 5thvsGuinness 2ndMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Trinity College 4thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
00:00UCD 6thvsTrinity College 4thB/Fwd 16/12More
00:00Loreto 6thvsUCD 6thMore
00:00Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsGuinness 2ndMore
11:00Railway Union 5thvsClontarf 4thMore
00:00Railway Union 5thvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Loreto 6thvsClontarf 4thMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
14:40Railway Union 5thvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsMuckross 5thMore
14:40Railway Union 5thvsGuinness 2ndMore
00:00Clontarf 4thvsGuinness 2ndMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsTrinity College 4thMore
00:00Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsUCD 6thMore
12:40Railway Union 5thvsMuckross 5thMore
00:00Guinness 2ndvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsAvoca 5thMore
11:00Railway Union 5thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsClontarf 4thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
16:20Railway Union 5thvsAvoca 5thMore
00:00Avoca 5thvsClontarf 4thMore
00:00Muckross 5thvsTrinity College 4thMore
00:00Portlaoise 1stvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsGuinness 2ndMore
09:20Railway Union 5thvsUCD 6thMore
00:00Guinness 2ndvsMuckross 5thMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsClontarf 4thMore
14:40Railway Union 5thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
00:00Muckross 5thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
00:00UCD 6thvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Trinity College 4thvsAvoca 5thMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsRailway Union 5thMore
00:00Trinity College 4thvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsGuinness 2ndMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsClontarf 4thMore