League Table Ladies Div 9 League

Naas 2nd66001211118
Bray 3rd65012312215
Corinthians 4th6411134913
Pembroke Wanderers 7th631285310
Our Ladys 4th6303513-89
Avoca 4th520339-66
Wicklow 1st620439-65
Botanic 3rd612315-45
Navan 2nd510437-43
Monkstown 6th6006118-170

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

101117 Wicklow HC deducted 1 point for Registration Infringement per LL Reg Secretary

Ladies Div 9 League
12:30Pembroke Wanderers 7th5vs0Our Ladys 4thMore
15:00Bray 3rd4vs0Avoca 4thMore
15:45Naas 2nd2vs0Navan 2ndMore
16:00Corinthians 4th0vs0Botanic 3rdMore
16:00Monkstown 6th0vs2Wicklow 1stMore
10:00Wicklow 1st0vs6Bray 3rdMore
11:15Corinthians 4th5vs0Monkstown 6thMore
13:30Botanic 3rd1vs0Navan 2ndMore
15:30Pembroke Wanderers 7th0vs2Naas 2ndMore
16:00Avoca 4th0vs1Our Ladys 4thReg Infringement-Game awarded to OLMore
11:15Corinthians 4th3vs1Navan 2ndMore
13:30Botanic 3rd0vs0Pembroke Wanderers 7thMore
14:30Our Ladys 4th1vs0Wicklow 1stReg Infringement Game Awarded to Our LadysMore
15:00Avoca 4th0vs3Naas 2ndMore
16:15Monkstown 6th0vs6Bray 3rdMore
11:00Naas 2nd1vs0Wicklow 1stMore
12:30Botanic 3rd0vs1Avoca 4thMore
12:30Pembroke Wanderers 7th1vs3Corinthians 4thMore
12:00Navan 2nd2vs0Monkstown 6thMore
10:00Bray 3rd0vs1Naas 2ndMore
12:00Wicklow 1st1vs0Botanic 3rdMore
13:01Navan 2nd0vs1Pembroke Wanderers 7thMore
13:30Monkstown 6th1vs2Our Ladys 4thMore
16:45Avoca 4th2vs1Corinthians 4thMore
17:00Bray 3rd4vs0Our Ladys 4thPP 21/10 RefixMore
13:00Botanic 3rd0vs3Bray 3rdMore
15:15Avoca 4thvsNavan 2ndNot PlayedMore
15:30Our Ladys 4th1vs3Naas 2ndMore
16:15Monkstown 6th0vs1Pembroke Wanderers 7thRevd 12/11More
16:30Corinthians 4th1vs0Wicklow 1stMore
00:00Our Ladys 4thvsBotanic 3rdMore
00:00Wicklow 1stvsNavan 2ndMore
07:01Corinthians 4thvsBray 3rdMore
07:01Monkstown 6thvsNaas 2ndMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 7thvsAvoca 4thMore
07:01Avoca 4thvsMonkstown 6thMore
07:01Bray 3rdvsNavan 2ndMore
07:01Naas 2ndvsBotanic 3rdMore
07:01Our Ladys 4thvsCorinthians 4thMore
07:01Wicklow 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 7thMore
00:00Botanic 3rdvsMonkstown 6thMore
00:00Our Ladys 4thvsNavan 2ndMore
00:00Wicklow 1stvsAvoca 4thMore
07:01Corinthians 4thvsNaas 2ndMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 7thvsBray 3rdMore
00:00Botanic 3rdvsCorinthians 4thMore
00:00Our Ladys 4thvsPembroke Wanderers 7thMore
07:01Avoca 4thvsBray 3rdMore
07:01Navan 2ndvsNaas 2ndMore
07:01Wicklow 1stvsMonkstown 6thMore
00:00Navan 2ndvsBotanic 3rdMore
07:01Bray 3rdvsWicklow 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 6thvsCorinthians 4thMore
07:01Naas 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 7thMore
07:01Our Ladys 4thvsAvoca 4thMore
00:00Naas 2ndvsAvoca 4thMore
00:00Wicklow 1stvsOur Ladys 4thMore
07:01Bray 3rdvsMonkstown 6thMore
07:01Navan 2ndvsCorinthians 4thMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 7thvsBotanic 3rdMore
00:00Avoca 4thvsBotanic 3rdMore
00:00Wicklow 1stvsNaas 2ndMore
07:01Corinthians 4thvsPembroke Wanderers 7thMore
07:01Monkstown 6thvsNavan 2ndMore
07:01Our Ladys 4thvsBray 3rdMore
00:00Botanic 3rdvsWicklow 1stMore
00:00Corinthians 4thvsAvoca 4thMore
00:00Naas 2ndvsBray 3rdMore
07:01Our Ladys 4thvsMonkstown 6thMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 7thvsNavan 2ndMore
00:00Bray 3rdvsBotanic 3rdMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 7thvsMonkstown 6thRevd 12/11More
00:00Wicklow 1stvsCorinthians 4thMore
07:01Naas 2ndvsOur Ladys 4thMore
07:01Navan 2ndvsAvoca 4thMore
00:00Botanic 3rdvsOur Ladys 4thMore
00:00Navan 2ndvsWicklow 1stMore
07:01Avoca 4thvsPembroke Wanderers 7thMore
07:01Bray 3rdvsCorinthians 4thMore
07:01Naas 2ndvsMonkstown 6thMore
07:01Botanic 3rdvsNaas 2ndMore
07:01Corinthians 4thvsOur Ladys 4thMore
07:01Monkstown 6thvsAvoca 4thMore
07:01Navan 2ndvsBray 3rdMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 7thvsWicklow 1stMore
00:00Avoca 4thvsWicklow 1stMore
00:00Monkstown 6thvsBotanic 3rdMore
00:00Navan 2ndvsOur Ladys 4thMore
07:01Bray 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 7thMore
07:01Naas 2ndvsCorinthians 4thMore