League Table Ladies Div 8 League

Loreto 5th66002131818
Muckross 4th66001731418
Rathgar 3rd64022291312
Pembroke Wanderers 6th6222310-78
Glenanne 2nd6213810-27
Weston 2nd5212712-57
Mullingar 1st52037706
Our Ladys 3rd6123712-55
Genesis 5th6105318-153
Malahide Fingal 2nd6006213-110

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

Ladies Div 8 League
09:30Weston 2nd0vs5Muckross 4thMore
11:00Pembroke Wanderers 6th1vs1Our Ladys 3rdMore
14:00Rathgar 3rd5vs1Glenanne 2ndMore
15:30Malahide Fingal 2nd1vs3Mullingar 1stMore
16:30Loreto 5th6vs0Genesis 5thMore
11:00Malahide Fingal 2nd0vs1Pembroke Wanderers 6thRevdMore
11:15Genesis 5th0vs3Weston 2ndMore
13:15Loreto 5th3vs2Rathgar 3rdMore
14:00Glenanne 2nd2vs1Our Ladys 3rdMore
20:15Muckross 4th2vs1Mullingar 1stPP 7/10 - REFIXMore
07:01Mullingar 1st0vs1Pembroke Wanderers 6thMore
12:30Rathgar 3rd5vs1Weston 2ndMore
13:00Glenanne 2nd3vs0Malahide Fingal 2ndMore
13:00Our Ladys 3rd0vs2Loreto 5thMore
16:30Muckross 4th1vs0Genesis 5thMore
09:30Pembroke Wanderers 6th0vs4Muckross 4thMore
09:30Weston 2nd2vs2Our Ladys 3rdMore
10:30Malahide Fingal 2nd0vs3Loreto 5thMore
14:15Rathgar 3rd5vs0Genesis 5thMore
10:00Mullingar 1st1vs2Loreto 5thMore
10:00Weston 2nd1vs0Malahide Fingal 2ndMore
12:30Glenanne 2nd0vs0Pembroke Wanderers 6thMore
13:00Genesis 5th1vs2Our Ladys 3rdMore
13:30Muckross 4th3vs1Rathgar 3rdMore
00:00Mullingar 1st2vs1Glenanne 2ndPP 21/10 RefixMore
09:30Pembroke Wanderers 6th0vs5Loreto 5thMore
13:30Genesis 5th2vs1Malahide Fingal 2ndMore
15:15Glenanne 2nd1vs2Muckross 4thMore
16:00Rathgar 3rd4vs1Our Ladys 3rdMore
00:00Loreto 5thvsGlenanne 2ndMore
00:00Mullingar 1stvsGenesis 5thMore
00:00Rathgar 3rdvsMalahide Fingal 2ndMore
00:00Weston 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 6thMore
07:01Muckross 4thvsOur Ladys 3rdMore
00:00Glenanne 2ndvsWeston 2ndMore
00:00Malahide Fingal 2ndvsOur Ladys 3rdMore
00:00Mullingar 1stvsRathgar 3rdMore
07:01Genesis 5thvsPembroke Wanderers 6thMore
07:01Loreto 5thvsMuckross 4thMore
20:30Weston 2ndvsMullingar 1stPP 18/11 IHC -RefixMore
00:00Rathgar 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 6thMore
07:01Glenanne 2ndvsGenesis 5thMore
07:01Loreto 5thvsWeston 2ndMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 2ndvsMuckross 4thMore
07:01Mullingar 1stvsOur Ladys 3rdMore
00:00Genesis 5thvsLoreto 5thMore
00:00Muckross 4thvsWeston 2ndMore
00:00Our Ladys 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 6thMore
07:01Glenanne 2ndvsRathgar 3rdMore
07:01Mullingar 1stvsMalahide Fingal 2ndMore
00:00Mullingar 1stvsMuckross 4thMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 6thvsMalahide Fingal 2ndRevdMore
00:00Weston 2ndvsGenesis 5thMore
07:01Our Ladys 3rdvsGlenanne 2ndMore
07:01Rathgar 3rdvsLoreto 5thMore
00:00Malahide Fingal 2ndvsGlenanne 2ndMore
07:01Genesis 5thvsMuckross 4thMore
07:01Loreto 5thvsOur Ladys 3rdMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 6thvsMullingar 1stMore
07:01Weston 2ndvsRathgar 3rdMore
00:00Genesis 5thvsRathgar 3rdMore
00:00Glenanne 2ndvsMullingar 1stMore
00:00Loreto 5thvsMalahide Fingal 2ndMore
07:01Muckross 4thvsPembroke Wanderers 6thMore
07:01Our Ladys 3rdvsWeston 2ndMore
00:00Malahide Fingal 2ndvsWeston 2ndMore
00:00Our Ladys 3rdvsGenesis 5thMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 6thvsGlenanne 2ndMore
07:01Loreto 5thvsMullingar 1stMore
07:01Rathgar 3rdvsMuckross 4thMore
00:00Loreto 5thvsPembroke Wanderers 6thMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 2ndvsGenesis 5thMore
07:01Muckross 4thvsGlenanne 2ndMore
07:01Mullingar 1stvsWeston 2ndMore
07:01Our Ladys 3rdvsRathgar 3rdMore
00:00Genesis 5thvsMullingar 1stMore
00:00Glenanne 2ndvsLoreto 5thMore
00:00Malahide Fingal 2ndvsRathgar 3rdMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 6thvsWeston 2ndMore
07:01Our Ladys 3rdvsMuckross 4thMore
00:00Our Ladys 3rdvsMalahide Fingal 2ndMore
00:00Rathgar 3rdvsMullingar 1stMore
00:00Weston 2ndvsGlenanne 2ndMore
07:01Muckross 4thvsLoreto 5thMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 6thvsGenesis 5thMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 6thvsRathgar 3rdMore
07:01Genesis 5thvsGlenanne 2ndMore
07:01Muckross 4thvsMalahide Fingal 2ndMore
07:01Our Ladys 3rdvsMullingar 1stMore
07:01Weston 2ndvsLoreto 5thMore