League Table LSSB Jun C Pool 1

Wilsons Hospital11003213
The Kings Hospital B11003033
Temple Carrig100123-10
East Glendalough00000000
Wesley College C00000000
Dundalk Grammar100103-30

Dates & Times of fixtures will be agreed between schools during the season and updated where possible.

Home Team is responsible for returning result & scorers to LHA Administrator

LSSB Jun C Pool 1
09:00Dundalk Grammar vsTemple Carrig More
09:00Dundalk Grammar vsWesley College CMore
09:00Dundalk Grammar vsWilsons Hospital More
09:00East Glendalough vsDundalk Grammar More
09:00East Glendalough vsThe Kings Hospital BMore
09:00Temple Carrig vsEast Glendalough More
09:00Temple Carrig vsThe Kings Hospital BMore
09:00The Kings Hospital B3vs0Dundalk Grammar More
09:00The Kings Hospital BvsWesley College CMore
09:00The Kings Hospital BvsWilsons Hospital More
09:00Wesley College CvsTemple Carrig More
09:00Wilsons Hospital 3vs2Temple Carrig More
19:00East Glendalough vsWesley College CMore
19:00Wesley College CvsWilsons Hospital More
19:00Wilsons Hospital vsEast Glendalough More