League Table Ladies Div 12 LR

Pembroke Wanderers 8th33008269
Genesis 7th220011296
Suttonians 3rd320110466
Gorey 1st32016516
Old Alexandra 5th22005056
Portrane 2nd210146-23
Clontarf 5th11003123
Weston 3rd310224-23
Bray 5th210113-23
Skerries 3rd301213-21
Enniscorthy HC 2nd201101-11
North Kildare 5th200216-50
Genesis 6th200207-70
Naas 3rd200208-80

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

Ladies Div 12 LR
10:00Naas 3rd0vs4Portrane 2ndMore
10:30Skerries 3rd1vs2Pembroke Wanderers 8thMore
13:00Genesis 7th5vs2Gorey 1stMore
14:30Weston 3rd1vs0North Kildare 5thMore
15:00Enniscorthy HC 2nd0vs1Bray 5thMore
17:45Genesis 6th0vs3Old Alexandra 5thMore
09:30Pembroke Wanderers 8th4vs0Genesis 6thMore
10:00Suttonians 3rd4vs0Naas 3rdMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 2nd0vs0Skerries 3rdMore
15:00Old Alexandra 5th2vs0Weston 3rdMore
15:00Portrane 2nd0vs6Genesis 7thMore
15:30Bray 5th0vs3Gorey 1stMore
11:30Skerries 3rd0vs1Gorey 1stMore
11:30Suttonians 3rd5vs1North Kildare 5thMore
12:30Genesis 6thvsEnniscorthy HC 2ndPP InterprosMore
13:00Naas 3rdvsGenesis 7thNot PlayedMore
15:30Weston 3rd1vs2Pembroke Wanderers 8thMore
16:00Clontarf 5thvsOld Alexandra 5thLTPPMore
16:30Bray 5thvsPortrane 2ndNot Played WeatherMore
14:30Clontarf 5th3vs1Suttonians 3rdMore
00:00Weston 3rdvsEnniscorthy HC 2ndMore
07:00Genesis 7thvsBray 5thMore
07:00Gorey 1stvsGenesis 6thMore
07:00North Kildare 5thvsNaas 3rdMore
07:00Old Alexandra 5thvsSuttonians 3rdMore
07:00Pembroke Wanderers 8thvsClontarf 5thMore
14:00North Kildare 5thvsClontarf 5thMore
15:00Portrane 2ndvsSkerries 3rdMore
00:00Gorey 1stvsWeston 3rdMore
07:00Clontarf 5thvsEnniscorthy HC 2ndMore
07:00Genesis 6thvsPortrane 2ndMore
07:00Naas 3rdvsBray 5thMore
07:00North Kildare 5thvsOld Alexandra 5thMore
07:00Skerries 3rdvsGenesis 7thMore
07:00Suttonians 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 8thMore
00:00Skerries 3rdvsBray 5thMore
07:00Genesis 7thvsGenesis 6thMore
07:00Gorey 1stvsClontarf 5thMore
07:00Old Alexandra 5thvsNaas 3rdMore
07:00Pembroke Wanderers 8thvsNorth Kildare 5thMore
15:00Portrane 2ndvsWeston 3rdMore
15:30Enniscorthy HC 2ndvsSuttonians 3rdMore
00:00Bray 5thvsGenesis 6thMore
07:00Clontarf 5thvsPortrane 2ndMore
07:00Naas 3rdvsSkerries 3rdMore
07:00North Kildare 5thvsEnniscorthy HC 2ndMore
07:00Old Alexandra 5thvsPembroke Wanderers 8thMore
07:00Suttonians 3rdvsGorey 1stMore
07:00Weston 3rdvsGenesis 7thMore
00:00Genesis 6thvsSkerries 3rdMore
00:00Old Alexandra 5thvsEnniscorthy HC 2ndMore
07:00Bray 5thvsWeston 3rdMore
07:00Genesis 7thvsClontarf 5thMore
07:00Gorey 1stvsNorth Kildare 5thMore
07:00Pembroke Wanderers 8thvsNaas 3rdMore
07:00Portrane 2ndvsSuttonians 3rdMore
00:00Genesis 6thvsNaas 3rdMore
00:00Gorey 1stvsOld Alexandra 5thMore
07:00Clontarf 5thvsBray 5thMore
07:00North Kildare 5thvsPortrane 2ndMore
07:00Pembroke Wanderers 8thvsEnniscorthy HC 2ndMore
07:00Suttonians 3rdvsGenesis 7thMore
07:00Weston 3rdvsSkerries 3rdMore
07:00Bray 5thvsSuttonians 3rdMore
07:00Genesis 7thvsNorth Kildare 5thMore
07:00Genesis 6thvsWeston 3rdMore
07:00Gorey 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 8thMore
07:00Portrane 2ndvsOld Alexandra 5thMore
07:00Skerries 3rdvsClontarf 5thMore
12:30Enniscorthy HC 2ndvsNaas 3rdMore
07:00Clontarf 5thvsGenesis 6thMore
07:00Naas 3rdvsWeston 3rdMore
07:00North Kildare 5thvsBray 5thMore
07:00Old Alexandra 5thvsGenesis 7thMore
07:00Pembroke Wanderers 8thvsPortrane 2ndMore
07:00Suttonians 3rdvsSkerries 3rdMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 2ndvsGorey 1stMore
00:00Naas 3rdvsGorey 1stMore
07:00Bray 5thvsOld Alexandra 5thMore
07:00Genesis 7thvsPembroke Wanderers 8thMore
07:00Genesis 6thvsSuttonians 3rdMore
07:00Skerries 3rdvsNorth Kildare 5thMore
07:00Weston 3rdvsClontarf 5thMore
12:30Enniscorthy HC 2ndvsPortrane 2ndMore
00:00Naas 3rdvsClontarf 5thMore
00:00Portrane 2ndvsGorey 1stMore
07:00North Kildare 5thvsGenesis 6thMore
07:00Old Alexandra 5thvsSkerries 3rdMore
07:00Pembroke Wanderers 8thvsBray 5thMore
07:00Suttonians 3rdvsWeston 3rdMore
12:00Enniscorthy HC 2ndvsGenesis 7thMore