League Table LSSB Mnr Lge Gp2

Wesley College44001711612
The High School4301143119
The Kings Hospital421112487
Sandford Park School512279-25
St Andrews College B21016513
Sutton Park3012011-111
Kilkenny College4004023-230

Dates & Times of fixtures will be agreed between schools during the season and updated where possible.

Home Team is responsible for returning result & scorers to LHA Administrator

LSSB Mnr Lge Gp2
15:00Kilkenny College 0vs6St Andrews College BDate/Time TBCMore
15:00Kilkenny College 0vs9The High School More
15:00Kilkenny College vsThe Kings Hospital Date/Time TBCMore
15:00Sandford Park School 5vs0Kilkenny College Played 20.12.17More
15:00Sandford Park School 1vs1The Kings Hospital Played 081117More
15:00Sandford Park School 1vs6Wesley College More
15:00St Andrews College BvsSandford Park School Date/Time TBCMore
15:00St Andrews College BvsSutton Park Date/Time TBCMore
15:00St Andrews College BvsThe High School Date/Time TBCMore
15:00Sutton Park vsKilkenny College Date/Time TBCMore
15:00Sutton Park 0vs0Sandford Park School Played 13.12.17More
15:00Sutton Park 0vs6Wesley College Result input 11017More
15:00The High School 2vs0Sandford Park School More
15:00The High School vsSutton Park Date/Time TBCMore
15:00The High School 0vs2Wesley College More
15:00The Kings Hospital 5vs0St Andrews College B More
15:00The Kings Hospital 5vs0Sutton Park More
15:00The Kings Hospital 1vs3The High School Played 20th DecMore
15:00Wesley College 3vs0Kilkenny College More
15:00Wesley College vsSt Andrews College BDate/Time TBCMore
15:00Wesley College vsThe Kings Hospital Date/Time TBCMore