League Table Mens Division 1

Weston 1st11002113
Kilkenny 1st100112-10
UCD 1st00000000
Rathgar 1st00000000
Avoca 1st00000000
Clontarf 1st00000000
Corinthians 1st00000000
YMCA 1st00000000
Dublin North 1st00000000
Dublin University 1st00000000

** Start date for Division 1 has been moved as Boys Interpros take place over w/e 22-24 September in Grange Road

Note 1 - Fixtures may be subject to amendment by Mens Committee

Note 2 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 3 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

( Updated: 26th July 17)

Mens Division 1
14:00Kilkenny 1st1vs2Weston 1stMore
20:00YMCA 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:01Corinthians 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
07:01Dublin University 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
07:01UCD 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
07:01Weston 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
19:20Rathgar 1stvsUCD 1stMore
20:30Avoca 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
00:00Weston 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:01Avoca 1stvsUCD 1stMore
07:01Kilkenny 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
07:01Rathgar 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
07:01YMCA 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
14:00Clontarf 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
07:00Clontarf 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
07:00Corinthians 1stvsWeston 1stMore
07:00Dublin University 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:00UCD 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
07:00Kilkenny 1stvsUCD 1stMore
07:00Rathgar 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
07:00Weston 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
07:00YMCA 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
00:00Dublin University 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:00Avoca 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
07:00Clontarf 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:00Corinthians 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
07:00UCD 1stvsWeston 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsUCD 1stMore
07:00Corinthians 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
07:00Kilkenny 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
07:00Rathgar 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
07:00Weston 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
00:00Clontarf 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:00Avoca 1stvsWeston 1stMore
07:00Dublin University 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
07:00UCD 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
07:00YMCA 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
07:00Corinthians 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
07:00Dublin University 1stvsUCD 1stMore
07:00Kilkenny 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
07:00Weston 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
07:00Corinthians 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
07:00Dublin University 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
07:00UCD 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
07:00Weston 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
00:00Kilkenny 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:00Avoca 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
07:00Clontarf 1stvsUCD 1stMore
07:00Rathgar 1stvsWeston 1stMore
07:00YMCA 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsWeston 1stMore
07:00Clontarf 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
07:00Corinthians 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:00Dublin University 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
07:00UCD 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
00:00Rathgar 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:00Avoca 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
07:00Kilkenny 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
07:00Weston 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
07:00YMCA 1stvsUCD 1stMore
00:00Corinthians 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:00Avoca 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
07:00Clontarf 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
07:00Dublin University 1stvsWeston 1stMore
07:00UCD 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
07:00Kilkenny 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
07:00Rathgar 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
07:00Weston 1stvsUCD 1stMore
07:00YMCA 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
00:00UCD 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:00Avoca 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:00Clontarf 1stvsWeston 1stMore
07:00Dublin University 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
07:00YMCA 1stvsRathgar 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 1stvsClontarf 1stMore
07:00Corinthians 1stvsUCD 1stMore
07:00Kilkenny 1stvsYMCA 1stMore
07:00Rathgar 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
07:00Weston 1stvsAvoca 1stMore
00:00Avoca 1stvsDublin North 1stMore
07:00Clontarf 1stvsCorinthians 1stMore
07:00Rathgar 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:00UCD 1stvsDublin University 1stMore
07:00YMCA 1stvsWeston 1stMore