League Table Ladies Div 5 League

Loreto 4th00000000
Muckross 3rd00000000
Dublin North 2nd00000000
Wexford 1st00000000
Clontarf 2nd00000000
Kilkenny 1st00000000
Monkstown 4th00000000
North Kildare 2nd00000000
Rathgar 2nd00000000
Avoca 3rd00000000
Malahide Fingal 1st00000000

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

Ladies Div 5 League
10:30Malahide Fingal 1stvsMonkstown 4thMore
10:30North Kildare 2ndvsRathgar 2ndMore
12:30Avoca 3rdvsKilkenny 1stMore
14:00Clontarf 2ndvsLoreto 4thMore
16:30Muckross 3rdvsDublin North 2ndMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
00:00Muckross 3rdvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsAvoca 3rdMore
07:01Rathgar 2ndvsClontarf 2ndMore
11:00Wexford 1stvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
00:00Clontarf 2ndvsDublin North 2ndMore
00:00Monkstown 4thvsMuckross 3rdMore
07:01Avoca 3rdvsWexford 1stMore
07:01Loreto 4thvsRathgar 2ndMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsKilkenny 1stMore
00:00Loreto 4thvsDublin North 2ndMore
07:01Kilkenny 1stvsClontarf 2ndMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 1stvsAvoca 3rdMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
13:30Wexford 1stvsMuckross 3rdMore
00:00Kilkenny 1stvsLoreto 4thMore
00:00Rathgar 2ndvsDublin North 2ndMore
07:01Clontarf 2ndvsMonkstown 4thMore
07:01Muckross 3rdvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsWexford 1stMore
00:00Kilkenny 1stvsRathgar 2ndMore
07:01Avoca 3rdvsMuckross 3rdMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 1stvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsLoreto 4thMore
12:00Wexford 1stvsClontarf 2ndMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsKilkenny 1stMore
00:00Malahide Fingal 1stvsClontarf 2ndMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsAvoca 3rdMore
07:01Rathgar 2ndvsMonkstown 4thMore
15:00Wexford 1stvsLoreto 4thMore
00:00Clontarf 2ndvsAvoca 3rdMore
00:00Loreto 4thvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
00:00Monkstown 4thvsDublin North 2ndMore
00:00Rathgar 2ndvsWexford 1stMore
07:01Muckross 3rdvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
00:00Avoca 3rdvsLoreto 4thMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsWexford 1stMore
07:01Clontarf 2ndvsMuckross 3rdMore
07:01Kilkenny 1stvsMonkstown 4thMore
07:01Rathgar 2ndvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
00:00Loreto 4thvsMuckross 3rdMore
07:01Avoca 3rdvsRathgar 2ndMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsClontarf 2ndMore
12:00Wexford 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsAvoca 3rdMore
00:00Muckross 3rdvsRathgar 2ndMore
07:01Kilkenny 1stvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
07:01Loreto 4thvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsWexford 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsMuckross 3rdMore
07:01Kilkenny 1stvsAvoca 3rdMore
07:01Loreto 4thvsClontarf 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
07:01Rathgar 2ndvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
00:00Kilkenny 1stvsMuckross 3rdMore
00:00North Kildare 2ndvsDublin North 2ndMore
07:01Avoca 3rdvsMonkstown 4thMore
07:01Clontarf 2ndvsRathgar 2ndMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 1stvsWexford 1stMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsClontarf 2ndMore
00:00Muckross 3rdvsMonkstown 4thMore
07:01Kilkenny 1stvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
07:01Rathgar 2ndvsLoreto 4thMore
07:01Wexford 1stvsAvoca 3rdMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsLoreto 4thMore
07:01Avoca 3rdvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
07:01Clontarf 2ndvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:01Muckross 3rdvsWexford 1stMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsMonkstown 4thMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsRathgar 2ndMore
00:00Loreto 4thvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 1stvsMuckross 3rdMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsClontarf 2ndMore
07:01Wexford 1stvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
07:01Clontarf 2ndvsWexford 1stMore
07:01Loreto 4thvsMonkstown 4thMore
07:01Muckross 3rdvsAvoca 3rdMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
07:01Rathgar 2ndvsKilkenny 1stMore
00:00Clontarf 2ndvsMalahide Fingal 1stMore
00:00Kilkenny 1stvsDublin North 2ndMore
00:00Loreto 4thvsWexford 1stMore
07:01Avoca 3rdvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsRathgar 2ndMore
00:00Avoca 3rdvsClontarf 2ndMore
00:00Dublin North 2ndvsMonkstown 4thMore
00:00Malahide Fingal 1stvsLoreto 4thMore
00:00Wexford 1stvsRathgar 2ndMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsMuckross 3rdMore
00:00Loreto 4thvsAvoca 3rdMore
00:00Wexford 1stvsDublin North 2ndMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 1stvsRathgar 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 4thvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:01Muckross 3rdvsClontarf 2ndMore
00:00Malahide Fingal 1stvsDublin North 2ndMore
00:00Muckross 3rdvsLoreto 4thMore
07:01Clontarf 2ndvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
07:01Kilkenny 1stvsWexford 1stMore
07:01Rathgar 2ndvsAvoca 3rdMore
00:00Avoca 3rdvsDublin North 2ndMore
00:00Rathgar 2ndvsMuckross 3rdMore
07:01Malahide Fingal 1stvsKilkenny 1stMore
07:01North Kildare 2ndvsLoreto 4thMore
07:01Wexford 1stvsMonkstown 4thMore