League Table Ladies Div 10 League

Three Rock Rovers 3rd00000000
Portlaoise 1st00000000
UCD 6th00000000
Guinness 2nd00000000
Loreto 6th00000000
Clontarf 4th00000000
Railway Union 5th00000000
Avoca 5th00000000
Muckross 5th00000000
Trinity College 4th00000000

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

Ladies Div 10 League
00:00Trinity College 4thvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01UCD 6thvsGuinness 2ndMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Loreto 6thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Trinity College 4thvsClontarf 4thMore
00:00Avoca 5thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
00:00Guinness 2ndvsClontarf 4thMore
00:00Muckross 5thvsRailway Union 5thMore
00:00Trinity College 4thvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsGuinness 2ndMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsClontarf 4thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Trinity College 4thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
00:00Avoca 5thvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Loreto 6thvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Trinity College 4thvsGuinness 2ndMore
00:00Clontarf 4thvsAvoca 5thMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
00:00Trinity College 4thvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
07:01UCD 6thvsRailway Union 5thMore
00:00Avoca 5thvsLoreto 6thMore
00:00Muckross 5thvsGuinness 2ndMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Trinity College 4thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsUCD 6thMore
00:00Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsGuinness 2ndMore
11:00Railway Union 5thvsClontarf 4thMore
00:00Railway Union 5thvsLoreto 6thMore
00:00UCD 6thvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Loreto 6thvsClontarf 4thMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
14:40Railway Union 5thvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsMuckross 5thMore
14:40Railway Union 5thvsGuinness 2ndMore
00:00Clontarf 4thvsGuinness 2ndMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsTrinity College 4thMore
00:00Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsUCD 6thMore
12:40Railway Union 5thvsMuckross 5thMore
00:00Guinness 2ndvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsAvoca 5thMore
11:00Railway Union 5thvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01Muckross 5thvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsClontarf 4thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
16:20Railway Union 5thvsAvoca 5thMore
00:00Avoca 5thvsClontarf 4thMore
00:00Muckross 5thvsTrinity College 4thMore
00:00Portlaoise 1stvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsGuinness 2ndMore
09:20Railway Union 5thvsUCD 6thMore
00:00Guinness 2ndvsMuckross 5thMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsAvoca 5thMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsTrinity College 4thMore
07:01UCD 6thvsClontarf 4thMore
14:40Railway Union 5thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
00:00Muckross 5thvsThree Rock Rovers 3rdMore
00:00UCD 6thvsLoreto 6thMore
07:01Clontarf 4thvsRailway Union 5thMore
07:01Guinness 2ndvsPortlaoise 1stMore
07:01Trinity College 4thvsAvoca 5thMore
00:00Loreto 6thvsRailway Union 5thMore
00:00Trinity College 4thvsUCD 6thMore
07:01Avoca 5thvsGuinness 2ndMore
07:01Portlaoise 1stvsMuckross 5thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 3rdvsClontarf 4thMore