League Table Ladies Div 6 League

Pembroke Wanderers 5th00000000
YMCA 2nd00000000
UCD 4th00000000
Three Rock Rovers 2nd00000000
Trinity College 3rd00000000
Navan 1st00000000
Railway Union 4th00000000
Monkstown 5th00000000
Our Ladys 2nd00000000
Genesis 3rd00000000

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

Ladies Div 6 League
07:01Genesis 3rdvsRailway Union 4thMore
07:01Monkstown 5thvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01Navan 1stvsTrinity College 3rdMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsYMCA 2ndMore
07:01UCD 4thvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
00:00Navan 1stvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsTrinity College 3rdMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsGenesis 3rdMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsMonkstown 5thMore
09:20Railway Union 4thvsUCD 4thMore
00:00YMCA 2ndvsGenesis 3rdMore
07:01Navan 1stvsRailway Union 4thMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsMonkstown 5thMore
07:01Trinity College 3rdvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
07:01UCD 4thvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 5thvsGenesis 3rdMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsNavan 1stMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsUCD 4thMore
11:00Railway Union 4thvsTrinity College 3rdMore
07:01Navan 1stvsYMCA 2ndMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsGenesis 3rdMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsRailway Union 4thMore
07:01Trinity College 3rdvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01UCD 4thvsMonkstown 5thMore
00:00Monkstown 5thvsNavan 1stMore
07:01Genesis 3rdvsUCD 4thMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsTrinity College 3rdMore
13:00Railway Union 4thvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
00:00Monkstown 5thvsTrinity College 3rdMore
07:01Navan 1stvsGenesis 3rdMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsUCD 4thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsYMCA 2ndMore
09:20Railway Union 4thvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01Genesis 3rdvsTrinity College 3rdMore
07:01Monkstown 5thvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
07:01UCD 4thvsNavan 1stMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsRailway Union 4thMore
00:00Genesis 3rdvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
07:01Navan 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsYMCA 2ndMore
07:01Railway Union 4thvsMonkstown 5thMore
07:01Trinity College 3rdvsUCD 4thMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsMonkstown 5thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsUCD 4thMore
07:01Trinity College 3rdvsNavan 1stMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
09:20Railway Union 4thvsGenesis 3rdMore
00:00Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsNavan 1stMore
00:00Trinity College 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
07:01Genesis 3rdvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 5thvsYMCA 2ndMore
07:01UCD 4thvsRailway Union 4thMore
00:00Genesis 3rdvsYMCA 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 5thvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsUCD 4thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsTrinity College 3rdMore
09:20Railway Union 4thvsNavan 1stMore
07:01Genesis 3rdvsMonkstown 5thMore
07:01Navan 1stvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
07:01Trinity College 3rdvsRailway Union 4thMore
07:01UCD 4thvsYMCA 2ndMore
07:01Genesis 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
07:01Monkstown 5thvsUCD 4thMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsTrinity College 3rdMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsNavan 1stMore
11:00Railway Union 4thvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
00:00Navan 1stvsMonkstown 5thMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsRailway Union 4thMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01Trinity College 3rdvsYMCA 2ndMore
07:01UCD 4thvsGenesis 3rdMore
00:00Trinity College 3rdvsMonkstown 5thMore
07:01Genesis 3rdvsNavan 1stMore
07:01Our Ladys 2ndvsRailway Union 4thMore
07:01UCD 4thvsPembroke Wanderers 5thMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsThree Rock Rovers 2ndMore
07:01Navan 1stvsUCD 4thMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsOur Ladys 2ndMore
07:01Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsMonkstown 5thMore
07:01Trinity College 3rdvsGenesis 3rdMore
09:20Railway Union 4thvsYMCA 2ndMore
00:00Three Rock Rovers 2ndvsGenesis 3rdMore
07:01Monkstown 5thvsRailway Union 4thMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 5thvsNavan 1stMore
07:01UCD 4thvsTrinity College 3rdMore
07:01YMCA 2ndvsOur Ladys 2ndMore