League Table Ladies Div 4 League

Old Alexandra 3rd00000000
Tullamore 1st00000000
Weston 1st00000000
Pembroke Wanderers 4th00000000
Monkstown 3rd00000000
Guinness 1st00000000
Skerries 1st00000000
Bray 2nd00000000
Corinthians 2nd00000000
Botanic 1st00000000

Note 1 - All match times must be updated by Monday preceeding the fixture, automatic fines will issue on Tuesday for times not updated

Note 2 - Results must be updated within three (3) hours of the final whistle

Ladies Div 4 League
00:00Botanic 1stvsSkerries 1stMore
07:01Bray 2ndvsCorinthians 2ndMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Old Alexandra 3rdvsTullamore 1stMore
07:01Weston 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
00:00Old Alexandra 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
00:00Weston 1stvsBotanic 1stMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsSkerries 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsBray 2ndMore
07:01Tullamore 1stvsGuinness 1stMore
00:00Botanic 1stvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsTullamore 1stMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsBray 2ndMore
07:01Skerries 1stvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Weston 1stvsCorinthians 2ndMore
00:00Old Alexandra 3rdvsCorinthians 2ndMore
00:00Skerries 1stvsBray 2ndMore
00:00Tullamore 1stvsBotanic 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsWeston 1stMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsGuinness 1stMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsSkerries 1stMore
07:01Old Alexandra 3rdvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsBotanic 1stMore
07:01Tullamore 1stvsCorinthians 2ndMore
07:01Weston 1stvsBray 2ndMore
00:00Old Alexandra 3rdvsBray 2ndMore
07:01Botanic 1stvsGuinness 1stMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsTullamore 1stMore
07:01Skerries 1stvsWeston 1stMore
00:00Bray 2ndvsTullamore 1stMore
07:01Botanic 1stvsCorinthians 2ndMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsWeston 1stMore
07:01Old Alexandra 3rdvsSkerries 1stMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Bray 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsGuinness 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsBotanic 1stMore
07:01Skerries 1stvsTullamore 1stMore
07:01Weston 1stvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
00:00Bray 2ndvsBotanic 1stMore
00:00Guinness 1stvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsSkerries 1stMore
07:01Tullamore 1stvsWeston 1stMore
00:00Skerries 1stvsBotanic 1stMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsBray 2ndMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsGuinness 1stMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsWeston 1stMore
07:01Tullamore 1stvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
00:00Botanic 1stvsWeston 1stMore
00:00Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
07:01Bray 2ndvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsTullamore 1stMore
07:01Skerries 1stvsCorinthians 2ndMore
00:00Old Alexandra 3rdvsBotanic 1stMore
00:00Tullamore 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
07:01Bray 2ndvsGuinness 1stMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsWeston 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsSkerries 1stMore
00:00Botanic 1stvsTullamore 1stMore
00:00Bray 2ndvsSkerries 1stMore
00:00Corinthians 2ndvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
07:01Weston 1stvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Botanic 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
07:01Bray 2ndvsWeston 1stMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsTullamore 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
07:01Skerries 1stvsGuinness 1stMore
00:00Bray 2ndvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsBotanic 1stMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsCorinthians 2ndMore
07:01Tullamore 1stvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Weston 1stvsSkerries 1stMore
00:00Tullamore 1stvsBray 2ndMore
07:01Corinthians 2ndvsBotanic 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
07:01Skerries 1stvsOld Alexandra 3rdMore
07:01Weston 1stvsGuinness 1stMore
07:01Botanic 1stvsMonkstown 3rdMore
07:01Guinness 1stvsCorinthians 2ndMore
07:01Old Alexandra 3rdvsWeston 1stMore
07:01Pembroke Wanderers 4thvsBray 2ndMore
07:01Tullamore 1stvsSkerries 1stMore
00:00Botanic 1stvsBray 2ndMore
00:00Old Alexandra 3rdvsGuinness 1stMore
07:01Monkstown 3rdvsCorinthians 2ndMore
07:01Skerries 1stvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore
07:01Weston 1stvsTullamore 1stMore