League Table LM Division 7B

Enniscorthy HC 2nd53021311218
North Kildare 2nd43101441017
Railway Union 5thXI3300112914
SBPP Swords 2nd411267-113
YMCA 5th5023818-109
Navan 2nd5023515-108

Note - points from the first half of the season have been added to the table as follows - Raiway Union 5pts; North Kildare 7 pts; Enniscorthy 9pts; Navan 6pts; YMCA 7 pts; St Brendans PP 8 pts

LM Division 7B
00:00Railway Union 5thXIvsNorth Kildare 2ndMore
08:00Navan 2nd2vs2YMCA 5thMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 2nd2vs1SBPP Swords 2ndMore
12:30North Kildare 2nd5vs0Enniscorthy HC 2ndMore
15:45YMCA 5th0vs5Railway Union 5thXIMore
16:00SBPP Swords 2nd1vs1Navan 2ndMore
12:00Enniscorthy HC 2nd1vs3Railway Union 5thXIMore
13:00Navan 2nd1vs5North Kildare 2ndMore
09:30Railway Union 5thXIvsSBPP Swords 2ndMore
13:30Enniscorthy HC 2nd4vs0Navan 2ndMore
13:30YMCA 5th2vs2North Kildare 2ndMore
08:00Navan 2nd1vs3Railway Union 5thXIMore
08:00SBPP Swords 2nd1vs2North Kildare 2ndMore
15:15YMCA 5th2vs6Enniscorthy HC 2ndMore
13:30YMCA 5th2vs3SBPP Swords 2ndMore