League Table LJG Minor A Section 1

Avoca 154012011912
Monkstown 15401134912
Muckross 1530214599
Wildcard 5302101009
Genesis 15104419-153
Railway Union 15005123-220

Note : Wildcard team from Minor A Section 2). Home clubs are responsible for ensuring results are returned on the day of the fixture.

LJG Minor A Section 1
08:00Avoca 13vs0Genesis 1More
08:00Monkstown 11vs2Muckross 1More
08:00Railway Union 10vs5Wildcard More
08:00Genesis 10vs3Wildcard More
08:00Monkstown 11vs0Avoca 1More
08:00Muckross 15vs1Railway Union 1More
08:00Avoca 11vs0Muckross 1More
08:00Monkstown 11vs0Wildcard More
08:00Railway Union 10vs2Genesis 1More
08:00Genesis 12vs7Monkstown 1More
08:00Muckross 11vs2Wildcard More
08:00Railway Union 10vs8Avoca 1More
08:00Avoca 18vs0Wildcard More
08:00Genesis 10vs6Muckross 1More
08:00Monkstown 13vs0Railway Union 1More