LSSB Minor Cup - Fixtures & Results

Competition Coordinator : G. Borland

Results to be returned within 24 hours of competiton. Minor Cup duration 30 minutes each way. If a cup match is drawn there will be extra time of five minutes each way. If teams are still level after extra time penalty strokes will decide the winner - per LSSB Rules 2017/8

Dates quoted are PLAY BY Dates, actual dates will be confirmed by schools

LSSB Minor Cup
09:00Drogheda Grammar 0vs1The High School More
09:00East Glendalough 0vs5St Killians More
09:00Newpark Comp 2vs3St Columbas College FT 2-2.More
09:00Sutton Park 0vs8St Andrews College Played 30 Jan 18More
09:00Temple Carrig 0vs3Mount Temple More
09:00The Kings Hospital 6vs0Dundalk Grammar Played 180118More
09:00Wesley College 3vs0Kilkenny College More
09:00Sandford Park School 1vs2Mount Temple FT 1-1. Temple win on Strokes.More
09:00St Killians 1vs0St Columbas College More
09:00The High School 2vs1The Kings Hospital More
09:00Wesley College 1vs2St Andrews College More
09:00Mount Temple 0vs3St Killians Played 130118More
09:00The High School 1vs2St Andrews College More
09:00St Killians 1vs2St Andrews College More