LM Intermediate Cup - Fixtures & Results

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Results must be posted within 3 hours of final whistle. In the event of a full time draw, the result of the shoot out should be entered as the score

Final to take place on 21-22 April

LM Intermediate Cup
11:00Wicklow 1st2vs1Railway Union 4thMore
15:30Dublin North 2nd0vs0Enniscorthy HC 1stMore
16:15Monkstown 4th3vs1Clontarf 3rdMore
15:45Three Rock Rovers 4th4vs2UCD 3rdMore
08:05Three Rock Rovers 4th2vs1Rathgar 3rdMore
11:00Pembroke Wanderers 4th3vs0Dublin University 2ndMore
11:30Naas 1st4vs2Suttonians 1stMore
12:20Monkstown 4thvsSkerries 1stConceded by Skerries 1stMore
15:30Weston 2nd3vs2Enniscorthy HC 1stMore
16:30YMCA 42vs4Corinthians 3rdMore
11:00North Kildare 1st5vs4Wicklow 1stMore
12:30Pembroke Wanderers 4th3vs1Monkstown 4thMore
15:30Glenanne 3rd0vs1St James Gate 1stMore
10:15Naas 1st5vs2Three Rock Rovers 4thMore
10:30North Kildare 1st2vs1St James Gate 1stMore
13:00Weston 2nd2vs1Corinthians 3rdMore
12:30North Kildare 1stvsNaas 1stMore
20:00Weston 2ndvsPembroke Wanderers 4thMore