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Ladies Section FAQ

This circular is distributed at the start of each season and we strongly suggest that you read it, print it out and keep it as a reference/guide to help you through the season.

Fixtures Committee
Like you, we are all volunteers, we are here to help where possible and to ensure that all competitions are run in accordance with the Byelaws. If you have a query please email us putting the division and fixture details in the subject line, we will do our best to answer promptly but if we do not reply then please text us about your email or give us a call.

I would like to thank Susan Reilly for her work on the Fixtures Committee over the last two seasons. Susan is stepping down and Lyndsey Phelan has agreed to come on board.

There are four of us on this Committee and we deal with all correspondence in accordance with the divisions/competitions as set out below.

Divisions 1 -4 - Catherine Mc Manus - 087 8301780
Divisions 5 - 9 - Lyndsey Phelan - 086 8402371
Divisions 10 to 13 - Kate Rushe - 086 8722453
All Cup Competitions - Ethni Seymour - 086 8092211

Cup Competition Information including info on Penalty Strokes - Click Here

Match Times, Results and Website
Match times are to be agreed between match secretaries by 10pm on Sunday evening so you are expected to be contactable on Sundayevenings by your opposition. Please read Byelaws 24 and 30 in relation to match times and entering them on the website, they must be entered by 1pm on Monday. Match results are to returned by text within 4 hours of completion of the match. Please note there will be fines if you do not adhere to these Byelaws so make sure your club is receiving your result texts and you can access the website to input match times. Please contact Claire Kelly in relation to website and result text.

We strongly suggest that you read the Bye- laws in relation to Fixtures. Know the 22 day rule in relation to postponements and also know the procedure around postponements for Irish Competitions for both the team playing in the competition and also the "follow-on"" team, remember you are to give 2 weeks notice for the "follow-on" team postponement request. Also please "cc" your opposition when emailing the Fixtures Committee looking for a "follow-on" team postponement.

Last Team Postponement
Last season we introduced guidelines for "Last Team Postponement", which seemed to help/regularize this situation. We looked for your feedback at the end of the season, while the feedback was small those who did reply were okay with the guidelines remaining. So with that in mind here are the guidelines in relation to Last Team Postponement Requests for season 2014/2015;

Divisions 1 - 8 - are allowed 1 postponement
Divisions 9 - 11 - are allowed 2 postponements
Divisions 12 & 13 - are allowed 3 postponements

Please note all teams must seek permission  of the Fixtures Committee for all postponements. Last team postponements are not to be taken as "a given". All requests are to be received by 1pm on Friday, the day before the fixture. There will be a fine for any fixture that is postponed without prior permission of the Fixtures Committee and/or if the request for a postponement is received after the 1pm deadline.

If you request a further postponement outside your divisional limit and it is granted then you will incur a fine of €75 and a 1 point deduction.

Division 1 and 2 Teams
Where there are any changes to your fixtures, postponement, refixes, reversals, please, please let Linda Ingram know as the umpires must be informed of any changes.

Key Ladies Registration Dates - Click Here

The Ladies Fixtures Committee