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LL Registration Info 2017-18

Registration Information 2017-2018

This season we are NOT going to have the usual Registration information

Evening for Clubs , for the past number of years we have had this meeting

despite which  all the same mistakes continue to appear so we are trying a new

approach this year.

  • Key Registration Dates for 2017-2018 this document is available on the Leinster website (Click Here)
  • The Registration Excel spreadsheet is available on the Leinster website (Click Here)
  • Zero tolerance policy your club will be fined for all mistakes and errors on match cards. Attached to this you will see what a correctly filled out match card should look like. (Click Here)
  • Registration Secretaries should make themselves familiar with the Bye-laws especially Pages 13-15.
  • Common mistakes to avoid;
  • i/ Maiden names and married names, you must use the name that is on the original registration sheet.
  • ii/ Make sure to Fill in team names and numbers and circle the Division No.
  • iii/Fill in the back of the card with the goal scorer names.
  • iv/ Please Print Christian names and surnames.
  • Match cards, fill in as normal on day of match then scan/phot BOTH
  • Sides and send to  ladiesmc14@gmail.com  Please note this email is only for the scanned cards, any emails sent to this address will not receive a reply Queries go to normal registration email addressladieshockeyreg@gmail.com  After the card has been scanned please ensure that the Club keeps the scanned cards as sight of cards may be required in case of a dispute.
  • Match cards can be downloaded from Leinster website, go to the Administrative area where you will find copy of match cards. If you want
  • A hard copy of match card contact ladieshockeyreg@gmail.com      
  • Correctly filled in Match Card.  You will find an example of what
  • a correctly filled in match card should look on the Leinster website and
  • also attached to the email.

Note - this circular was distributed to clubs on 15th September 2017 on behalf of the Ladies Registration Secretary.


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