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LJPSB Notes for 2016-17 Season

Leinster Primary School Boys Hockey

School Contacts - CLICK HERE

League 1 & 2 both teams will play at the same time. Each team will play each other twice (Home & Away) (First and second round).  First round matches to be played by Jan 27th and second round by March 17th and the final played by the Easter Break.

League 3.  All teams to play each other by Jan 27th *

League 4.  All teams to play each other by Jan 27th *

*For league 3 & 4. The 5 teams with the highest points will play each other by March 17th and the lower five teams will play each other by March 17th.  Winners and runners up - on points from both groups will play in two finals for 2 cups before Easter Break.

League 5 All teams play each other by March 17. There will be a final between the top two teams before Easter Break.

Leinster Primary Schoolboys Competitions
League One                                                            Click Here 
League Two       Click Here 
League Three       Click Here
League Four       Click Here 
League Five       Click Here 

Calculation of points –

Win = 3 points; Score Draw = 2 points for each team ; Nil all draw = 1 point for each team

For all the deadlines to work results MUST BE MAILED to butlergillian@hotmail.com

Gillian will then take responsibility of mailing your results to the LHA